Four more years of debt and class warfare

Ted Nugent — Washington TimesSocialist POS
We have fallen far and fast.

Instead of electing a serious-minded, proven professional, America went once again with a guy whose most impressive qualification is that of a questionable “Chicago” community organizer. I don’t mean Chicago in a geographic sense.

President John F. Kennedy would have been appalled. Instead of asking not what our country can do for us but what we can do for our country, in just 50 years since Kennedy uttered that famous phrase, it appears that a majority of Americans now demand that their country do for them. It’s America turned upside-down… Read More…

Bend Over……Here’s Your “Hope and Change”

Note: this is the natural result of  Obama demonizing /targeting business/success…..
“Hey…. you didn’t build that ! “

As of 11-08-2012, 48 companies have announced payoffs.  The total of newly unemployed is already over ten thousand:

‘Amnesty again’ wrong answer for GOP in 2016

D.A. King — Marietta (Ga.) Daily Journal
Mitt Romney’s loss has the establishment GOP — including in Georgia — scratching its head, wringing its hands and chattering semi-coherently with advice about how to retake the White House from the socialists. The “conservative” consternation comes with a predictable, disproven and suicidal scheme as a solution: Another amnesty for illegals. The promised result? “More of the Hispanic vote.”

In addition to mindless “immigration enforcement is seen as ethnic-cleansing!” rants from Neal Boortz, the latest local example of “enforcing our immigration laws is not the answer” advice comes from a recent Cobb Chamber of Commerce Chairman’s Club briefing by political analyst Matt Towery… Read More

Previously deported invader caught in Adams County

Evening Sun — Hanover, Pa.
    A previously deported Mexican citizen whom authorities say returned to the United States illegally recently was apprehended in Adams County.
    Juan Francisco Siaceros Beltran, 28, was charged Wednesday in a one-count indictment by a federal grand jury in Harrisburg, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Pennsylvania.
    Siaceros Beltran faces the charge of illegal re-entry into the United States, and if he is convicted of the crime, he could be sentenced to up to two years in prison and fined $250,000, the U.S. Attorney’s office said… Read More…

Comrade O’s FEMA as useless as the TSA is obnoxious and intrusive

Fox News
Victims of an unforgiving one-two punch from superstorm Sandy and a nor’easter that both hit New York’s Staten Island say FEMA has forgotten them.

Already without power for more than a week in the wake of Sandy, hard-hit residents of the borough’s South Shore braved a winter storm Wednesday night, with many — perhaps hundreds — huddling in condemned homes and ignoring orders to evacuate out of fear looters would take what little Mother Nature has left them.

“FEMA packed up everything yesterday and left the area,” said MaryLou Wong… Read More

Report: Mexican Cartel Bought Guns From Corrupt Obama Regime’s Border Patrol
    The testimony of a Mexican hitman turned government witness has revealed some astonishing details of life inside Mexico’s criminal underworld. Most astonishing of all: claims that cartel assassins obtained guns from the U.S. Border Patrol.
    According to Mexican magazine Revista Contralinea, the testimony comes from a protected government witness and former hit man, who cooperated in the prosecution of a Sinaloa Cartel accountant by the Mexican Attorney General’s Office. The testimony details a series of battles fought by a group of cartel members attempting to drive out rival gangsters from territory in Mexico’s desert west. To do it, the group sought weapons from the U.S., including at least 30 WASR-10 rifles — a variant of the AK-47 — allegedly acquired from Border Patrol agents… Read More…

Military Absentee Ballots Delivered One Day Late, Would Have Swung Election For Romney

The Duffel Blog
    Sources confirmed today that hundreds of thousands of military absentee ballots were delivered hours after the deadline for them to be counted, with preliminary counts showing that they would have overturned the vote in several states and brought a victory for Governor Mitt Romney.
    Officials say the ballots were delivered late due to problems within the military mail system. Tracking invoices show the ballots sat in a warehouse for a month, then they were accidentally labeled as ammunition and shipped to Afghanistan. At Camp Dwyer, Marine Sergeant John Davis signed for them and was surprised at the contents… Read More…

Ron Paul: Election shows U.S. ‘far gone’

Washington Times / Infowars — Video Included
    Rep. Ron Paul, whose maverick presidential bids shook the GOP, said in the wake of this week’s elections that the country has already veered over the fiscal cliff and he sees no chance of righting ship in a country where too many people are dependent on government.
    “We’re so far gone. We’re over the cliff,” the Texas Republican told Bloomberg Television’s “In the Loop” program. “We cannot get enough people in Congress in the next 5-10 years who will do wise things.”
    Mr. Paul, who is retiring after 12 terms in the House, said voters on Tuesday rejected Mitt Romney because he had opposed the government bailout of General Motors and Chrysler… Read More…

Usual suspects’ role in re-electing the globalist miscreant to fuel new amnesty push

Los Angeles Times
The outsized role that Latino voters played in securing victories for President Obama and Democratic Senate candidates has energized the effort to rewrite America’s immigration laws, but opposition in Congress, particularly among House Republicans, remains a significant hurdle.
In his election-night victory speech, President Obama specifically mentioned “fixing our immigration system” as a priority — along with reducing the deficit, reforming the tax system and reducing the country’s use of imported oil. Latino leaders made clear they planned to hold Obama to that, noting that the president had promised in his 2008 campaign to push for reform but did not deliver… Read More of this Nauseating Propaganda

Four more years of the loathsome dictator looms ahead

Andrew Napolitano — LewRockwell.comImage
    Only in America can a president who inherits a deep recession and whose policies have actually made the effects of that recession worse get re-elected. Only in America can a president who wants the bureaucrats who can’t run the Post Office to micromanage the administration of every American’s health care get re-elected. Only in America can a president who kills Americans overseas who have never been charged or convicted of a crime get re-elected. And only in America can a president who borrowed and spent more than $5 trillion in fewer than four years, plans to repay none of it and promises to borrow another $5 trillion in his second term get re-elected... Read More