Invaders shake down taxpayers for $350K with help of feckless feds

Georgia Public Broadcasting — Atlanta
New Haven, Conn. — Advocates on all sides of the immigration debate are digesting the latest big, and perhaps historic, development: The U.S. government agreed to pay a $350,000 settlement to 11 Connecticut men arrested in raids in 2007. — The plaintiffs claimed immigration agents violated their rights during the early morning raids, which snared nearly three dozen people. — Immigration experts, as well as the Associated Press, say the settlement appears to be the largest ever paid by the government to resolve a lawsuit over an immigration raid of a home. They say the deal also is the first to grant relief to the plaintiffs facing deportation. — Under the terms, plaintiffs have the option of delaying enforcement action against them for four years and then reapplying for permanent status; or terminating deportation proceedings altogether… Read More

Bombastic self-proclaimed ‘faggot’ wants to endanger ALL Americans

Dave Gibson — The Examiner"Faggot"
On Saturday, California Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco) held a press conference at St. Mary’s Cathedral to announce he is sponsoring legislation to counter the federal Secure Communities program, which requires local law jails to share the fingerprint data of all arrestees with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). — Many illegal alien advocacy groups are complaining that the federal program has resulted in too many deportations. — Ammiano said: “States have their own ways of fighting back. We can’t stand by and let innocent people, food vendors, etc., be caught up in sweeps, assume they’re guilty of some violent offense and then deport them and separate them from their families. — The legislation, known as AB 1081 will be introduced in the spring… Read More

  • Note: This Ammiano jackass once shouted the following at then governor Arnold Schwarzenegger when he made an appearance at a Democrat soiree in 2009: “Kiss my faggot ass

ICE releases invader who then rapes, terrorizes child

NBC San DiegoObama's Incompetent Pricks
Escondido, Calif. — Escondido police have arrested an illegal immigrant on charges of raping and molesting a 12-year-old girl in his neighborhood. — Investigators said Jose Manuel Ayala,18, has been “fixated” on the girl since August. — The victim lives near Ayala’s apartment on North Fig Street. — Detectives said Ayala would sneak into her home and sexually assault her while her parents slept in another room. — “It happened over a period of three months,”said Lt. Craig Carter of Escondido Police. — The girl didn’t report the assaults at first because Ayala had threatened to hurt her, according to police… Read More

Invader charged in deadly DUI crash…Is ‘sanctuary’ policy to blame?

Dave Gibson — The ExaminerScumbag
Portland, Oregon – On Monday night, Portland police arrested Edy Porfirio Reynoso-Ramirez, 32, after he allegedly struck the motorcycle that John Zupan, 66, was riding. Reynoso-Ramirez was found hiding a few hundred yards from the scene of the crash. — On Tuesday night, Zupan, the owner of a local chain of grocery stores, died from his injuries at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center. — Reynoso-Ramirez was speeding and riving erratically before his 1998 Honda Civic crossed the center line on Marine Drive into Zupan’s 2009 BMW motorcycle, according to police… Read More

Gov. Deval Patrick dangerous and crazy as a peach orchard boar

Dave Gibson — The Examiner
On Friday, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick (the radical left-wing lunatic shown at right) said that while the dragging death of a 23-year-old Milford man was tragic, the fact that the man accused of killing him is an illegal alien with a long arrest record is immaterial. — Gov. Patrick told reporters: “It’s a terrible, terrible tragedy.’’ But, he insisted, “Illegal immigration didn’t kill this person. A drunk driver killed this person, and we have laws about that. And I expect the book to be thrown at this person.’’ — Last weekend, Milford police arrested Nicholas Dutan Guaman, 34, after he allegedly struck and killed a man on a motorcycle… Read More

Obama set to pander at Tan Klan soiree today

The Critical Post — Chicago
[Comrade] Obama will be speaking to Hispanic leaders [the wretched National Council of the Race] at the Marriot Wardman Park Hotel at 12:50 PM EDT and is expected to address immigration issues and promises he made to the Hispanic community during his 2008 campaign but which he has not fulfilled yet. Some in the community have been harshly critical of the President. Deportations during his presidency are up from the years previous to his taking office. — The ongoing impasse between the political franchises, as well as, the President’s agenda for the nation during the rest of his administration – has not found any give from either side… Read More



After debate, Texas Senate panel OKs ‘sanctuary cities’ bill

Houston Chronicle
From the testimony of a Houston police officer’s widow to allegations of racism, a daylong legislative committee hearing Monday on a bill banning “sanctuary cities” brought the national immigration debate back to the Texas Capitol. — The Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Transportation on Monday approved a bill that would ban cities from prohibiting police officers from inquiring about the immigration status of a person they detain. Gov. Rick Perry last week added the proposal to the legislature’s special session agenda. A similar bill failed during the regular legislative session… Read More

Illegal Immigration and Other Criminality

Steve Breyman — OpEdNews.comNew York
Governor Cuomo’s recent decision to withdraw New York from the federal Secure Communities program–which sent the fingerprints of all jailed suspects to Homeland Security–got me thinking again about this country’s never-ending struggle with illegal immigration. Upon reflection, the worst thing about illegal immigration is that it’s, well, illegal. — I’m sympathetic to the plight of [invaders]. I came of age playing high school soccer in Southern California with some of their children; no one works harder than these people. But as a strong believer in the rule of law, it’s hard to get beyond the basic fact that crossing borders without passports and visas is against the law. Here in the US, and everywhere else… Read More