Hispanic Outreach: They’re Mexican ‘Socialists’ Who Come To ‘Plunder’ U.S.

During his national radio show on Friday, American Family Association spokesmanBryan Fischer, spokesman made the case against Republican Party outreach to Hispanic-Americans, dismissing them as “socialists by nature” who “come from Mexico” to “plunder” the United States.

According to Fischer, reaching out to Hispanics is a lost cause because the demographic supports Democrats not because of the party’s actual policies but because Hispanics want “goodies.”

“Hispanics don’t vote Democrat because of immigration,” he explained. “That’s not the main reason why they vote for Democrats. It doesn’t have anything to do with lax immigration policy, it has to do with the fact that they are socialists by nature.” Read More….

A-Hole of the Decade: LAPD’s Charlie Beck

Charles C. W. Cooke — National Review
The Los Angeles Times reports that the city’s police chief is backing a special driver’s license for illegal [aliens]:Two culeros

Wading into a politically charged debate, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck [shown at left with equally despicable Tony Villar, aka ‘MEChA Boy’ Villaraigosa] said California should issue driver’s licenses to illegal [aliens]. — The chief becomes one of the most prominent local figures to support the idea and his stance is certain to further inflame critics who are already angry at Beck’s efforts to liberalize the rules on how his officers impound the cars of unlicensed drivers. — “My personal belief is that they should be able to” have licenses, Beck said in response to a question during a meeting with Times’ reporters and editorial writers. “The reality is that all the things that we’ve done – ‘we’ being the state of California – over the last 14, 16 years have not reduced the problem one iota, haven’t reduced [illegal] aliens driving without licenses. So we have to look at what we’re doing. When something doesn’t work over and over and over again, my view is that you should reexamine it to see if there is another way that makes more sense.”

Read more about this blithering idiot Beck…

Invaders shake down taxpayers for $350K with help of feckless feds

Georgia Public Broadcasting — Atlanta
New Haven, Conn. — Advocates on all sides of the immigration debate are digesting the latest big, and perhaps historic, development: The U.S. government agreed to pay a $350,000 settlement to 11 Connecticut men arrested in raids in 2007. — The plaintiffs claimed immigration agents violated their rights during the early morning raids, which snared nearly three dozen people. — Immigration experts, as well as the Associated Press, say the settlement appears to be the largest ever paid by the government to resolve a lawsuit over an immigration raid of a home. They say the deal also is the first to grant relief to the plaintiffs facing deportation. — Under the terms, plaintiffs have the option of delaying enforcement action against them for four years and then reapplying for permanent status; or terminating deportation proceedings altogether… Read More

Agents getting fed up with Comrade Obama’s antics

New York TimesUsurper and Pig
The federal agency in charge of deportations is conducting a far-reaching training course to push immigration enforcement officers and prosecutors nationwide to focus their efforts on removing immigrants convicted of crimes. — The training course is the clearest sign yet that administration officials want to transform the way immigration officers work, asking them to make nuanced decisions to speed deportations of high-risk offenders while halting those of illegal immigrants with clean records and strong ties to the country. The policy is President Obama’s most ambitious immigration initiative before the November elections, senior administration officials said. — But in a new sign of the deep dissension over immigration, the union representing some 7,000 deportation officers of the agency, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, known as ICE, has so far not allowed its members to participate in the training… Read More

Fascist dirtbag in White House flouts Constitution to woo Latino voters

Washington Examiner EditorialGeorge Soros Lackey
On Friday, President Obama provided yet another example of his blatant willingness to ignore the Constitution’s separation of powers, and this time it wasn’t by making recess appointments when the U.S. Senate is not even in recess. The Department of Homeland Security published in the Federal Register a proposed new regulation that is the first major step in Obama’s election-year strategy to grant amnesty to millions of illegal [aliens], most of whom likely are Hispanics. And Hispanics just happen to be a voting group that is crucial to Obama’s re-election prospects… Read More

Former illegal alien criminal parasite sues Arpaio, others

KPHO-TV — PhoenixKangaroo Court
A lawsuit filed in federal court yesterday takes aim at Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, his office, the Maricopa Medical Center and its staff for their alleged treatment of a jailed pregnant woman. — Miriam Mendiola-Martinez, 37, was arrested two years ago for identity theft. The mother of two reportedly bought someone’s identity to work as a cleaning lady for six years at Dillard’s at Fashion Square Mall in Scottsdale. — At the time of her arrest, Mendiola-Martinez was 6 1/2 months pregnant. Under the state’s Bailable Offenses Act, because she was in the U.S. illegally, she had to remain behind bars while her case was pending. — Two months later, Mendiola-Martinez went into early labor with her son. As with all pregnant inmates at Maricopa Medical Center, she was chained to her hospital bed during labor and immediately following a C-section… Read More

Obnoxious Invader Ejected from Romney Event

KCRG-TV — Cedar Rapids, IowaScumbag
A self-professed [illegal alien parasite] was tossed from a Mitt Romney event Friday morning for bearing the sign, “I AM AN AMERICAN W/O PAPERS.” — Jose Antonio Vargas tweeted that he was escorted out of the town hall meeting by security personnel from the Diamond V facility, 2575 60th Ave. SW, around noon. He made waves in June when he outed himself as being an illegal [alien] in a New York Times Magazine essay and got more attention today when he was booted for asking questions and talking to voters about immigration, his videographer Ann Lupo wrote on Twitter. — Romney spokesperson Ryan Williams told Politico Vargas was not given press clearance since he did not have media credentials, but was attending as an activist, not a journalist… Read More

Obnoxious invaders arrested at Charlotte protest

Winston-Salem (NC) JournalReconquista Pendejos
About 15 young people, including at least seven who are [invaders], were arrested on misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and impeding traffic during a sit-in rally Tuesday to protest immigration laws. — Among those arrested was Martin Rodriguez of Hamptonville who is a member of a Yadkinville [invader] advocacy group called El Cambio. –The rally was held just after a preview kickoff rally held separately by the Democratic National Convention in advance of the 2012 presidential nominating convention that will be held in Charlotte… Read More

Obama set to pander at Tan Klan soiree today

The Critical Post — Chicago
[Comrade] Obama will be speaking to Hispanic leaders [the wretched National Council of the Race] at the Marriot Wardman Park Hotel at 12:50 PM EDT and is expected to address immigration issues and promises he made to the Hispanic community during his 2008 campaign but which he has not fulfilled yet. Some in the community have been harshly critical of the President. Deportations during his presidency are up from the years previous to his taking office. — The ongoing impasse between the political franchises, as well as, the President’s agenda for the nation during the rest of his administration – has not found any give from either side… Read More



Invader corrupt Obama Regime failed to slap ICE detainer on now agitating for amnesty

Asian JournalDeport Invaders Now!
Los Angeles — One of the [invaders] arrested after a protest earlier in the week is calling for the greater Asian and Filipino community to rally behind the DREAM Act, Comprehensive immigration reform, and the [illegal alien “rights”] movement. — Ju Hong, an [illegal alien and] UC Berkeley student originally from South Korea, was among the seven [invaders] arrested on Tuesday after a protest at San Bernardino Valley College. — About 200 protesters gathered at the college to protest the county’s cracks down on illegal [aliens]… Read More