Fired invaders toss fit, engage in shameless baby-waving

Berkeley (Calif.) VoiceWhining Tacos
Along with their supporters, about 200 former Pacific Steel workers who recently lost their jobs after an immigration audit marched from downtown Berkeley on Friday morning to the steel plant in a peaceful protest of immigration laws. — Midmorning traffic was blocked for about an hour on two of Berkeley’s major thoroughfares, University Avenue and San Pablo Avenue, as the group made its way to the plant. No arrests were made, according to Berkeley police. —  Fourteen-year-old Metzli Blanco, whose father lost his job of 12 years at the plant, took a microphone down the street from the Second Street plant and summed up what many in the crowd said with their signs and songs… Read More

17 invaders arrested in crackdown on street vendors

KGET-TV — Bakersfield, Calif.Deport Invaders Now!
For the first time, five local, state, and federal agencies joined forces to crack down on illegal street vendors on Valentine’s Day. During the sting operation, 17 people were arrested for being in the country illegally. — Gustavo Martinez comforted his children Wednesday outside his brother’s northwest Bakersfield home. Martinez is trying to grasp the uncertainty of what comes ahead. His wife, Leticia, was arrested Tuesday while selling flowers in front of the family’s piñata shop. — “I passed by and saw two men in uniforms inside our store and I thought they were sheriffs,” said Gustavo Martinez. The family had a business permit, but they didn’t have one to sell flowers… Read More

Florence officer involved shooting (invaders involved)

KNXV-TV — PhoenixShooting
A Florence Police officer fired his weapon while trying to make an arrest southeast of the Valley Sunday morning. — No one was injured in the incident which happened just before 7a.m. at the intersection of Hunt Highway and Felix road. — Florence Police say an officer noticed a suspicious pickup which appeared to be having mechanical problems. When the officer stopped the vehicle, six or seven people in the truck began running in to the desert. — As the officer was taking one person in to custody,  he saw what he believed to be a weapon in another suspect’s hands and fired at least once… Read More

Fascist dirtbag in White House flouts Constitution to woo Latino voters

Washington Examiner EditorialGeorge Soros Lackey
On Friday, President Obama provided yet another example of his blatant willingness to ignore the Constitution’s separation of powers, and this time it wasn’t by making recess appointments when the U.S. Senate is not even in recess. The Department of Homeland Security published in the Federal Register a proposed new regulation that is the first major step in Obama’s election-year strategy to grant amnesty to millions of illegal [aliens], most of whom likely are Hispanics. And Hispanics just happen to be a voting group that is crucial to Obama’s re-election prospects… Read More

Invader jailed after altercation at bar

Orlando (Fla.) SentinelBusted
Orlando police used a Taser and other uses of force, including an agency-issued baton, on a man who wouldn’t leave the Blue Martini lounge early Friday morning. — Officers arrested Luis F. Cabeza, 30, on charges of battery on a law-enforcement officer, resisting an officer and trespassing following the incident. He remains jailed in Orange County with an immigration hold. — According to an arrest report, Cabeza was escorted out of Blue Martini, located at the Mall at Millenia, but returned a short time later, at about 2 a.m. An Orlando police officer working off-duty at the lounge stopped Cabeza and asked him to leave and warned the man he could be arrested, but Cabeza refused… Read More

New Mexico: Border agents find numerous drug, immigration violations

Las Cruces Sun-NewsUS Border Patrol
In the last week, more than 125 violations, including drugs, illegal [aliens], fugitives and prohibited agricultural items have been identified by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers working at ports of entry in El Paso and New Mexico, the office announced Wednesday. — A total of 20 drug busts resulted in the seizure of 1,405 pounds of marijuana, five pounds of methamphetamine and 1.3 pounds of cocaine. — Officers identified 13 wanted fugitives during the week. They also uncovered 80 immigration violations, 36 of which were intended immigrants, who use a legally issued border-crossing card to live or work in the U.S., which is not authorized. Violators generally lose their documents and are returned to Mexico… Read More

Mexican fifth columnist mob sues over immigration law

Associated PressScumbags
Hammond, Ind. — A Hispanic advocacy group from Northwest Indiana has launched a second legal challenge to the immigration law approved by state legislators this year. — East Chicago-based Union Benefica Mexicana filed the lawsuit Tuesday with the federal court in Hammond, claiming portions of the new state law are unconstitutional. A federal judge blocked parts of the law from taking effect after a similar lawsuit was filed by the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana. — State Attorney General Greg Zoeller said his office wanted to postpone action on both lawsuits until after the U.S. Supreme Court considers the challenge to Arizona’s immigration law… Read More

Arpaio tells the corrupt Obama Regime to shove off

The Public RecordScrew You Commie Scum
After the Justice Department charged that Joe Arpaio — who likes to call himself America’s toughest sheriff — discriminated against Latinos and punished those who complained, the cop whose defiance of the Feds became his mantra reacted true to form: he again defied the Feds by labeling the charges “political.” — In a sharply-worded rebuke following a three-year investigation, the Department of Justice said in a letter that the office headed by the larger-than-life sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona (Phoenix) showed “a pervasive culture of discriminatory bias against Latinos” that included “the highest levels of the agency.” The letter also noted that, earlier in its investigation, Arpaio had refused to cooperate and forced the DOJ to sue him, obliging Arpaio and his deputies to cooperate… Read More

Supremes to review Arizona immigration law

Arizona Republic — PhoenixTan Klanswoman
The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments in the lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Arizona’s immigration law Senate Bill 1070. — The high court issued two-sentence decision Monday morning. No court date has yet been set. — Gov. Jan Brewer requested the hearing after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit upheld federal court Judge Susan Bolton’s decision to halt several key parts of the law from going into effect in 2010. Bolton ruled that immigration is the bailiwick of the federal government, not individual states. The 9th Circuit ruling was a 2-1 decision. — Since then several other states have passed laws similar to SB 1070, and also are facing federal challenges by the U.S. Department of Justice… Read More

Cops whack invader who had been deported multiple times

KSRO-AM — Santa Rosa, Calif.Shooting
Authorities have confirmed that 25 year-old Pablo Ramirez, shot and killed when he reportedly pointed a handgun at a Sebastopol police officer on Thanksgiving Day, had a long criminal history and was an illegal immigrant who had been deported three times. Police were called to a home in Sebastopol by his ex-girlfriend, saying he was pounding on her door and she feared for her life. When the officer arrived Ramirez reportedly pointed a gun at the officer and refused orders to drop it. At that point the officer fired and Ramirez was killed… Read More