Invader nabbed on drug-buy trip, cops allege

Northwest Indiana Times — MunsterCretin
Authorities said an illegal immigrant residing in Michigan was arrested Sunday while driving to Chicago to pick up a large amount of marijuana. — A Porter County Sheriff’s Department officer on a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area patrol stopped the westbound car on Interstate 94 at the 25 mile marker for a traffic infraction. — The officer said while speaking to the driver, his passenger, Marco Ramos-Munoz, 45, of Bangor, Mich., was acting strangely. Ramos-Munoz was asked to exit the car where he provided officers with a false identity. Police later searched the man and found a Mexican ID card with his true name, along with $3,821 cash in another pocket. — Police said the man, a fast food cook, said he was on his way to a casino, but officers said his story didn’t gel with that of the driver… Read More

Invader who stole a Kentucky man’s ID gets a slap on the wrist

WCSI-AM — Columbus, Ind.
An illegal [alien] who stole a Kentucky man’s identity will not have to go to jail. 47 year-old Honorio Cuevas, who lives in Columbus, bought forgeries of a Kentucky man’s ID and Social Security cards. Judge Chris Monroe ordered that Cuevas spend the next year and a half on probation. The man who’s identity was stolen, Elliot Castillo, discovered someone stole his identity when he began getting notices from the IRS that he owed unpaid taxes…. Source

Invader who fatally beat daughter gets 53-year sentence

South Bend (Ind.) Tribune
Calling his crimes “the worst of the worst,” St. Joseph Superior Court Judge Jane Woodward Miller sentenced Valentin Escobedo to 53 years in prison this morning, the maximum allowed by law. — Escobedo, 25, was convicted by a jury in November of fatally beating his 2½-year-old daughter Maya in December 2008. He was also convicted of neglecting her throughout the year before her death. — The jury acquitted Escobedo on the charge of murder, deciding the evidence did not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he knowingly killed the girl. — In arriving at her sentence, the judge pointed to multiple lies Escobedo told to police, doctors and his own wife on Dec. 2, 2008, when Maya was taken to Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center with injuries throughout her body and a 14-centimeter skull fracture… Read More

Cocaine-peddling invader gets 13 years in prison

The Republic — Columbus, Ind.Hasta La Vista!
A cocaine dealer who sold a “significant” amount of the drug was sentenced Friday to 13 years in prison. — Juan A. Aguilar, 29, of Edinburgh, sold cocaine on four occasions to undercover police or police informants. He pleaded guilty in November to dealing cocaine, a Class B felony, in exchange for prosecutors dropping other drug-dealing charges. — Aguilar testified at his sentencing hearing Friday that he has had a drug addiction problem for “10 to 12 years,” which led him to sell the drugs. — He asked Bartholomew Circuit Court Judge Stephen Heimann through his public defender that he be placed in an addiction-treatment program as part of his sentence… Read More

Mexican fifth columnist mob sues over immigration law

Associated PressScumbags
Hammond, Ind. — A Hispanic advocacy group from Northwest Indiana has launched a second legal challenge to the immigration law approved by state legislators this year. — East Chicago-based Union Benefica Mexicana filed the lawsuit Tuesday with the federal court in Hammond, claiming portions of the new state law are unconstitutional. A federal judge blocked parts of the law from taking effect after a similar lawsuit was filed by the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana. — State Attorney General Greg Zoeller said his office wanted to postpone action on both lawsuits until after the U.S. Supreme Court considers the challenge to Arizona’s immigration law… Read More

Mexican invader and pal busted following shooting of cop

WISH-TV — IndianapolisShooting
Two people have been arrested following the shooting of an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police officer Friday night . — The Marion County Prosecutor’s office confirmed Eugenio Gonzalez-Ramirez and Johnny Taboada-Perez were arrested following the shooting. Both men are being held in the Marion County Jail. — Gonzalez-Ramirez faces a preliminary charge of car jacking and battery with injury. He is being held on $500,000 bond and an Immigration hold. Jail records show he is a citizen of Mexico… Read More

Tan Klan windbag claims enforcing immigration laws is “racial profiling”

Clarissa Martínez-De-Castro, Tan Klan PropagandistTan Klan Payasos
Throughout the past week, state-level legislative and judicial action has created an increasingly complex patchwork of immigration laws that underscore the need to address immigration reform at the national level. On Monday, June 27, Republican Gov. Nikki Haley signed SB 20, a draconian racial profiling law that pushed South Carolina into the all-too-crowded race to see which state can pass the most heinous piece of anti-Latino legislation. By signing SB 20 into law, Gov. Haley chose to walk down the same misguided and unconstitutional path as other states that have enacted laws that demonize immigrants and threaten the civil rights of state residents. — Instead of pursuing this course of action, South Carolina should have looked to the court decisions blocking similar racial profiling bills in Arizona, Utah, and, most recently, Indiana and GeorgiaRead More

  • Note: Tin pot dictator Obama actually has a particularly nasty Tan Klan mole in his cabinet…. Cecilia Munoz

Illegal alien probe nets two arrests in St. Joseph County

WSBT-TV — South Bend, IndianaBoot Me!
Federal prosecutors have charged two men with helping illegal aliens fraudulently obtain vehicle registrations and license plates from the Mishawaka Bureau of Motor Vehicles branch. — Ramon Garcia, 38, of South Bend, and Paulino Ascencion-Apolino, 22, of Elkhart, are charged with mail fraud and harboring illegal aliens. They were held today without bond in the St. Joseph County Jail… Read More

Two invaders arrested in rape investigation

Lafayette (Ind.) Journal-Courier
Attica, Ind. — Two men were in jail today and three others were being investigated in a rape that occurred in Attica on Memorial Day. — Police arrested Javier Garcia, 29, of Attica on suspicion of false informing and Ruben Ramirez-Rivera, 24, of Lafayette on suspicion of rape and criminal confinement. Both men were arrested on Thursday as part of the ongoing investigation. — According to Attica Police Department Officer Thomas Galloway, three other people were also being investigated in the rape of a 45-year-old woman in Attica Monday night… Read More


Two arrested in BMV fraud

WSBT-TV — South Bend / Elkhart, IndianaBusted!
South Bend — Federal prosecutors have charged two men with helping illegal aliens fraudulently obtain vehicle registrations and license plates from the Mishawaka Bureau of Motor Vehicles branch. — Ramon Garcia, 38, of South Bend, and Paulino Ascencion-Apolino, 22, of Elkhart, are charged with mail fraud and harboring illegal aliens. They were held Thursday without bond in the St. Joseph County Jail. — Prosecutors said the men ran the scheme out of three offices: Servicios Mi Tierra, with locations at 3902 W. Western Ave. in South Bend and 23737 U.S. 33 in Elkhart, and Agencia Latina in Highland, Indiana. — Their allegedly criminal enterprise apparently sprang up in reaction to a 2007 BMV policy change. In November of that year, BMV clerks began verifying drivers Social Security numbers with an online Social Security Administration database… Read More