Neocon RINO McCain pushing amnesty, again

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Senator John McCain has added his voice to top Republicans calling for comprehensive immigration reform. — Since the election and the record low levels of Hispanic support for the GOP key Republican figures have begun advocating for a new look at their immigration policies. — Sen. John McCain, tweeted on Friday that he now supports “calls for comprehensive immigration reform.” Read More…

Dingbat Durbin thinks illegals can become president

R. Cort Kirkwood — The New AmericanTwo Skunks
Sen. Dick Durbin (shown at right with Comrade O) the leftist majority leader from the President’s corrupt home state, believes the United States may soon abandon the Constitution’s requirement that the President be a natural-born citizen of the United States. — If Durbin believes the remarks he made during a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Refugees and Border Security on his renewed DREAM Act, the massive amnesty bill for illegal-alien children, then the requirement is no longer necessary. — A story by Terence P. Jeffrey of tells the tale. The story’s accompanying video shows Durbin telling the assembled illegal aliens, whom he and other leftists consider “DREAMers,” that one of them might become the President… Read More