‘Amnesty again’ wrong answer for GOP in 2016

D.A. King — Marietta (Ga.) Daily Journal
Mitt Romney’s loss has the establishment GOP — including in Georgia — scratching its head, wringing its hands and chattering semi-coherently with advice about how to retake the White House from the socialists. The “conservative” consternation comes with a predictable, disproven and suicidal scheme as a solution: Another amnesty for illegals. The promised result? “More of the Hispanic vote.”

In addition to mindless “immigration enforcement is seen as ethnic-cleansing!” rants from Neal Boortz, the latest local example of “enforcing our immigration laws is not the answer” advice comes from a recent Cobb Chamber of Commerce Chairman’s Club briefing by political analyst Matt Towery… Read More

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Build a wall and deport 'em all!

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