Deported Mexican invader arrested again

Johnston County Herald — Smithfield, NC
Immigration authorities again are trying to deport a suspected gang member who moved to Selma after twice crossing the Mexican border illegally, according to authorities. — Smithfield police on Jan. 25 arrested Lloyd Wilborn “Negro” Berthram, 26, of 408 Lizzie St. — He was wanted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which took him to an Alamance County detainment center. — According to U.S. District Court filings, Berthram – who also uses the names Samuel Ernesto Berthram-Martinez and Daniel Berthram – was deported to Mexico in 2010 after he served time for an armed robbery in Duplin County. He was told he couldn’t return to the country without permission from the U.S. Attorney General… Read More

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One Response to Deported Mexican invader arrested again

  1. Diggs Greybles says:

    This guy is just another dirty turd, flush him back to the toilet he belongs in!!!

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