Pot-bloated panga nabbed in Malibu; 3 likely invaders busted

Contra Costa Times — Walnut Creek, Calif.
Malibu — About a half-ton of pot aboard a panga was seized along the Malibu coast, and one of four suspects remained at large this morning, sheriff’s deputies and maritime authorities said today. — The boat landed in Pirate’s Cove at Point Dume, the northern tip of Santa Monica Bay, about 10:20 p.m. Friday, Sgt. Lamont Stringer of the sheriff’s Malibu/Lost Hills Station. — Three men were arrested, according to a camera crew at the scene. One ran off into the hills near Birdview Avenue and Cliffside Drive. — “A panga was seen offshore in the Malibu area, and it came onshore,” Virginia Kice of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said.”Border Patrol and sheriff’s were the first to respond, and several people have been detained,” Kice said… Read More

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