Local cops getting fed up with corrupt Obama Regime’s constantly releasing invaders

Dave Gibson — The ExaminerMost Corrupt SOB Ever
On Wednesday, the Santa Fe Police Department (SFPD) spoke out publicly on their growing frustration over continuously arresting the same illegal aliens over and over again. — SFPD Lt. Louis Carlos told KOAT TV: “Somebody’s dropping the ball. These suspects have an immigration detainer, meaning Immigration takes control of them. And somehow, they’re ending up back on the streets of Santa Fe.” — One example of this comes in the form of one Mario Orantes-Munoz, 22, an illegal alien with an extensive arrest record in Santa Fe. — According to police, Orantes-Munoz is currently wanted for breaking into a home and stealing two firearms. In June, he was arrested and charged with another burglary and though U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) placed a detainer on him, he somehow ended up right back on the streets and avoiding deportation… Read More

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