LAPD about to clear ‘Occupy L.A.’ hippies out of downton Los Angeles

KCBS-TV — Los Angeles — 9:10 PM PST
On-air news broadcasts via KCAL-TV over the past 45 minutes have shown helicopter shots of hundreds of LAPD officers converging on Dodger Stadium in Chavez Ravine. These officers are boarding city buses that are reportedly headed to downtown L.A. where the radical ‘Occupy L.A.’ buffoons have been camped out demanding all sorts of things from open borders, amnesty for invaders, free college tuition, and who knows what else. — The filthy encampment is a hazard to public health and an eyesore. The spineless mayor has finally ordered that flea and tick-ridden encampment cleared by 10:30 PM Pacific time. This ought to be good. — The local news TV station covering this dog-and-pony show live is KCAL (channel 9). It is expected that KTLA (channel 5) will start covering it at 10 PM… Visit the KCAL / CBS2 Web Site

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