Invader-coddling Calif. cops have American blood on their hands… again

Santa Rosa (Calif.) Press-Democrat
The decision by a Santa Rosa Police officer not to impound the car of the unlicensed driver accused five days later in a fatal hit-and-run crash has reignited a debate that is playing out in community groups as well as in the state legislature. — Santa Rosa Police Chief Tom Schwedhelm said the death of 4-year-old Christopher “Buddy” Rowe [shown at right] is the responsibility of the driver who hit him, not the fault of a traffic officer who cited the suspect, Marcos Lopez Garcia, when he pulled him over Aug. 13.Schwedhelm said he is sensitive to the tragedy that followed. But he said his officer was within his discretion under department policy to allow the car of the unlicensed driver [aka another border-hopping scumbag who should have been deported long ago] to be parked at the scene until a licensed driver could move it, even though it was Garcia’s second driving without a license offense… Read More

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