As we prepare for a great Fourth of July holiday, something looks amiss

Laura Armstrong — Marietta (Georgia) Daily JournalCuleros
…When the Mexican soccer team somehow has the home field advantage in the Pasadena Rose Bowl and the Americans are booed maliciously by the majority in the stands, when Christians are arrested for peacefully handing out Bible tracts at a Muslim street fair in Detroit, or when an appointed judge overturns a state’s right to protect jobs and citizens from lawbreaking foreign nationals (Georgia HB 87), our somewhat naive concerns about Y2K seem decades in the past, don’t they? — We know these fundamental changes have come to our country, and we feel helpless. We read, trying to make sense of it. — Writer/scholar Victor Davis Hanson, an observer from the trenches in California, describes it eloquently, calling it the Balkanization of our country… Read More

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