Tan Klan windbag claims enforcing immigration laws is “racial profiling”

Clarissa Martínez-De-Castro, Tan Klan PropagandistTan Klan Payasos
Throughout the past week, state-level legislative and judicial action has created an increasingly complex patchwork of immigration laws that underscore the need to address immigration reform at the national level. On Monday, June 27, Republican Gov. Nikki Haley signed SB 20, a draconian racial profiling law that pushed South Carolina into the all-too-crowded race to see which state can pass the most heinous piece of anti-Latino legislation. By signing SB 20 into law, Gov. Haley chose to walk down the same misguided and unconstitutional path as other states that have enacted laws that demonize immigrants and threaten the civil rights of state residents. — Instead of pursuing this course of action, South Carolina should have looked to the court decisions blocking similar racial profiling bills in Arizona, Utah, and, most recently, Indiana and GeorgiaRead More

  • Note: Tin pot dictator Obama actually has a particularly nasty Tan Klan mole in his cabinet…. Cecilia Munoz

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