Despicable ACLU vows to sue South Carolina

Associated Press
The American Civil Liberties Union said it plans to lead a court challenge to a new anti-illegal immigration measure that South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley plans to sign into law on Monday. — South Carolina is joining a handful of other states that have toughened or passed immigration laws similar to Arizona’s, which allows police to check immigration status. — State ACLU Director Victoria Middleton said her group and other organizations will join to challenge the new law sometime before it takes effect in January. — “It invites racial profiling,” Middleton said. “And it basically will subject anyone who looks or sounds foreign to discrimination.” Read More

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One Response to Despicable ACLU vows to sue South Carolina

  1. TCS says:

    If they come into the country legally, then what do they have to worry about??? We are trying to cut down on Illegal’s not just a certain race. I feel it is stupid to consider this a racial issue. What part of illegal has anything to do with being racial?? Any race of Americans that commit a crime will be convicted and singled out for it, is that racial???

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