ICE agents warn Americans “to brace themselves for what’s coming” as corrupt Obama regime plays “catch-and-release” with criminal invaders

Hot Air
You may have read that President Obama is now quietly offering a quasi-amnesty for illegal [aliens] in a cynical attempt to rebuild his voting base. — Under his direction, new prosecution rules* put ICE agents in a bureaucratic box if they choose to prosecute illegals, with dozens of new, subjective guidelines. In essence, Obama is forcing ICE agents to release illegals even if they are caught committing crimes. — Just yesterday in Pennsylvania, ICE advised police to release three illegals who had been charged with speeding, driving without a license, without insurance, without registration, and providing police with false identification. In response, the head of the ICE Agents’ Union, which represents nearly 8,000 immigration enforcement personnel, has leveled withering criticism at the Obama administration for wantonly endangering American citizens… Read More

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