Mexico-born gasbag Carlos Santana gripes about state immigration laws, spews Tan Klan rhetoric
Guitarist Carlos Santana criticized a tough new immigration law in Georgia as he was honored in Atlanta on Sunday, branding the policy “anti-American”. — The Mexican-born rocker spoke out against the controversial legislation after receiving the Beacon of Change Award ahead of the Civil Rights Game baseball event in the city. — Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signed a bill on Friday which gives police officers the authority to check the immigration status of anyone suspected of being in the state illegally. A similar law was passed in Arizona last year… Read More

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One Response to Mexico-born gasbag Carlos Santana gripes about state immigration laws, spews Tan Klan rhetoric

  1. Brittanicus says:


    You might question why the 2006 Double-layer border fence, complete with concertina razor wire was killed within months of being enacted? Or why we should be suspicious of E-Verify, Secure Communities not being mandated nationwide, to detect illegal workers and to verify fingerprints of criminal aliens? YOU MIGHT FURTHERMORE ASK WHY IT’S NOT A FELONY, LIKE OTHER COUNTRIES TO ENTER AMERICA WITHOUT PERMISSION? It makes no common sense for our legislators to enact another Amnesty? Every administration since the 1986 Immigration Control and Reform Act, has still not unresolved the 20 million plus illegal aliens who have settled here?

    Then we have US activist courts forcing upon taxpayers, hundreds of billions of dollars annually to provide for welfare and public services, including education for illegal children, free medical care for all family members. Whereas at the same time illegal aliens criminals are excused for stealing ID documents and minor crimes, while Americans are arrested and caged. Further our schools are overcrowded with children of limited English proficiency, our hospital emergency room congested with foreign nationals. Our US culture under duress from daily occurrences of foreign nationals driving while drunk and killing blameless Americans, which is the concealed tip of the iceberg as thousands of other crimes are exposed on the Internet. Border States are especially vulnerable to drug murders, with added kidnappings, home invasion robberies and assaults on women and children.

    Landowners in Arizona, Texas, California and New Mexico live in an environs of fear, where there cattle is killed, fences cut and open range land strewn with miles of garbage. Many ranches have been burglarized, people attacked and killed so families must carry firearms. Go and ask Texan Jim Chilten, who told Congress that everybody who owns land adjoining the border lives in fear. Don’t let Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano feed you lies, as the US border region is far from secure and extremely dangerous. It’s no wonder that Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer is desperate in pursuing donations to complete the real border. President Obama has achieved something of success, but there are still miles of fence to be constructed? However the incessant fact remains what has been built, is not two fences as authored by Rep. Duncan hunter (R-CA). In fact thousands of acres stretching from Brownsville to near San Diego, is unfenced.

    Ask the ranchers in Arizona if they feel at all safe? The US Border agents are without full control as they do not have access to the complete perimeter of the border regions. Currently USBP must ask permission to enter land in BLM, National Parks and other federal land reserves. Huge expenses of land remain uncontrolled, even around lakes. With nothing more than a few rusty strands of barbed wire the border are open to invasion by criminals and illegal aliens. Resident legal Hispanics in Georgia and other States who came to the United States are angry and frustrated, with being coupled with illegal foreigners, who stole past US agents at border entry or overstayed their tourist visas. The majority of these people want the border sealed tight? Another point of fact is businesses are a major contributor to out-of-control illegal immigration. It’s up to every American to be vigilant in the work place as a “Whistle Blower” to save their jobs and others, by reporting suspicious practices of non-English speaking workers.

    Outlaw companies are the masterminds of this monolithic magnet, as they are allowing theft of jobs and should go to prison. If they have hired unauthorized workers they should be fined, there business license confiscated and assets taken. Yet another Amnesty (Six now) will just encourage, million more to come here. And lastly, your might ask Secretary of homeland security Napolitano another question, as why the 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli bill, a mass AMNESTY bill was a total failure, fraudulent and intentionally ignored? I do agree there is always occupations that need specialized hires, of the highest echelons of skills. But what we are getting is a logjam of indigent illegal people that are just coming for fewer jobs reserved for American workers. And large numbers who come to rip off the basic essentials for survival of welfare safety nets and other public services. They have never paid into the Social Security pool, Fica or any taxes associated with wages. These economic illegal aliens have learned to–WORK–the system, including tax rebates using other peoples SS numbers and child tax returns.

    .Something that must be dealt with severity is non-citizens voting in elections. This came to light through ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) which was registering anybody, specially aimed at low income people. Now under investigation by 14 States for illegal activities in the voting procedures is now extinct; or is it? Various States are enacting laws to halt this enigma, by asking voters for several forms of photo ID cards or equivalent documents. All citizens should communicate with their federal, State representative Senate—202-224–3121/ House—202-225–3121and demand more secure practices for absentee ballots, which can be forged and new security supervision of voting. The open border progressives will cheat the election process, one way or another. Learn the facts, not rhetoric or lies from the Leftists. Join the TEA PARTY to stop the erosion of American peoples Sovereign rights, its common language. The TEA PARTY lawmakers will insure NO IMMIGRATION REFORM, which is just another term for AMNESTY. Any Path to citizenship, under whatever name, adds millions of family members through Chain Migration. Texas has just killed any policy of Sanctuary Cities within its territory and so should other States replicate. Even the Dream Act would mean another form of Amnesty, including Chain Migration.

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