Yet another invader accused of killing an American motorist in Georgia

Gwinnett Daily Post — Lawrenceville, Ga.
A man has been charged with vehicular homicide in the death of a motorcyclist in a Friday morning collision. — Andrea E. Sampson, 26, of Lawrenceville, died at a hospital after the 7:57 a.m. wreck at the intersection of Old Norcross Road and Boggs Road. — Sampson was struck while riding his black 2005 Yamaha R6, when Luis A. Zetino-Boch turned his white 2001 Ford Econoline van in front of him. Sampson had the right of way but was unable to stop and hit the right side of the van… Read More

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2 Responses to Yet another invader accused of killing an American motorist in Georgia

  1. chad jackson says:

    I arrived within seconds after the accident in Lawrenceville. Luis was there looking very confused and dazed. I was near Andrea in which I could not get to him quicker due to my angle and position. I finally got to him and there were 2 other gentlemen assisting. I never was against illegal immigration and have hired them years ago for a staffing company for whom I worked. However, I met Andrea’s family at the viewing and funeral. To have to look at the family was painful for me. I expressed how sorry I was for not being able to do more for Andrea. It took an untimely death for me to realize that illegal immigration is wrong. Luis caused an accident that did not have to happen. If he would have yielded, Andrea would still be here. His family expressed no anger towards Luis at all in my presence. I am not sure if they know all of this, and I definitely did not want to take them through any more pain. I did notice that Luis was a painter and was wearing a painter’s uniform. I was wondering if the family might be able to sue the painting company if one exists. I did not see the van at the scene because they stated that it was a truck. The Sampson family has been through too much not to be compensated. I know that money will never be as valuable as Andrea, but they need to be paid something.

  2. Mark C Sampson Sr says:

    I Love all who tried to help my son, it is a great loss to our family all I can say is God will handle all, Jesus says to forgive and he is working it out for me.

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